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Realtors - please pass this information <--- (click, print/send the pdf) on to your Sellers as soon as possible before the day we photograph....

Dear Seller:

We are looking forward to photographing your home. Our intentions are to “WOW” you and the potential buyers with our photography and to enhance your Realtor’s marketing.

In order to have your home photos look the best and for us to stay on schedule, may we suggest:

1.  Upon our arrival, please do not have any cars in the driveway or in front of the house—park your cars down the street away from your home.

If you are a townhome and have a “for sale” sign in your window, please remove it for the shoot.

2.  Please do not have landscapers or workmen or cleaning services at the house at the same time we are there.

3.  Have your yards straightened up with hoses tucked away and garbage cans removed. Have your patio furniture set nicely and uncover your                    barbeque grill (unless your grill is ‘ugly’)

4.  Please open all your shades and blinds.

5.  Turn on all the lights; Lamps, recessed lights and under cabinet lights.

Clutter does not show well in photos, so PLEASE:

1. Hide as many toys as possible.  Use the "under the bed" area if needed !

2. Remove high chairs from kitchen

3. Remove dog beds/bowls and toys.

4.  Remove appliances and clutter from kitchen counters.

5.  Please remove everything off the front and top of the refrigerator.

6.  Hide any paperwork or office clutter.  USE those drawers and cabinets !!

7.  Remove unattractive rugs.

8.  Tuck away all your family room blankets and excess pillows.

9.  Hide your garbage cans in all the rooms.

10.  Please remove personal items from the bathroom counters and inside the bath and shower.

11.  Floor space is important so please remove any clutter or items from rooms that would not enhance the photos.

Let’s talk about the weather conditions:

We will arrive at your home whether it is sunny/not sunny/raining or snowing. If it is pouring rain or snowing so hard that we cannot do the outside, you MAY receive a call from us and we will reschedule, but generally the weather is not bad enough for us to cancel.

Don’t worry about “no sun”; actually exterior photos look better if there is no sun because we don’t have to deal with shadows and sun spots. 90% of the time we can add a blue sky to your house front photo with Photoshop. Our flash will brighten the interior shots so we do not need the sun to shoot the interior.

Thank you for your time and attention to these details and we look forward to serving you and your Realtor.

Mark and Cyndi McCombs - Heartland Realty Graphics

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